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C++ wrapper for PCRE2 library (JPCRE2)

Updated: 15/06/2016 13:37:04 GMT

PCRE2 is the name used for a revised API for the PCRE library, which is a set of functions, written in C, that implement regular expression pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics as Perl, with just a few differences. Some features that appeared in Python and the original PCRE before they appeared in Perl are also available using the Python syntax.

This provides some C++ wrapper functions to provide some useful utilities like regex match and regex replace.

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Marraige (29) card game

Updated: 15/06/2016 13:37:02 GMT

This is the popular card game known as Marriage or 29. This is a 32 bit binary version which can be installed in 32 bit windows (without any hassle) and in 64 bit windows (with a little hassle) and in Linux with wine.