Linux driver for mediatek MT7630E Wifi + Bluetooth combo chip

Updated: Friday, 04. October 2019 04:46 PM UTC

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Easy installation package for Mediatek MT7630E Wifi + Bluetooth Combo Linux Driver. The official driver was found at (this link no longer exists)


  • rt2x00: Wi-Fi driver source code
  • btloader: Bluetooth firmware loader source code
  • firmware: Firmware binary code (MT7650E234.bin is for Wi-Fi, mt76x0.bin is for Bluetooth)


You need kernel headers to build the driver

As an example, on Debian and derivatives, assuming you're on an amd64 system:

sudo apt install build-essential linux-headers-amd64

That's all for dependencies.

First give some file execution permission:

 chmod +x install test uninstall bpatch

Now to install it, run:


To test it without installing, run:


To uninstall, run:


To install with dkms:

sudo make dkms

The driver will automatically load at startup...

Installing inside a container (chroot) environment

Pass the kernel version as an argument with install or uninstall script:

sudo ./install kernel-version
sudo ./uninstall kernel-version
sudo ./test kernel-version
With make, the argument shall be KERNEL=kernel-version

sudo make dkms KERNEL=kernel-version
sudo make install KERNEL=kernel-version


For kernel 3.13 - 3.16 bluetooth may work without any extra efforts, but for higher kernels it may not work at all. A kernel patch for the bluetooth driver may be needed to get it up and working.

If wifi works after installing the driver but bluetooth doesn't, you should first check if bluetooth is hard/soft blocked. If it is blocked then remove the block, but if that's not the case then we have a patch for you that you can apply to your kernel.

Test blocking state:

To check if bluetooth is hard/soft blocked, run rfkill list. It will show you something like this:

1: hci0: Bluetooth
    Soft blocked: yes
    Hard blocked: no

If it is soft blocked, you can unblock it with:

sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth
If it is hard blocked then check if your PC has some kind of switch to turn it on or may be a key combination or a little haggle in the BIOS settings (you will have to investigate).

If there is no block or unblocking from blocked state didn't do any good, then you should try the patch.

Without running all those commands manually, you can use the bpatch script to automatically patch it for you.

Try the bpatch script

The bpatch script downloads the kernel source and tries to patch the bluetooth driver and insert the compiled module in the right place automatically. To apply patch with the bpatch script all you need to do is run it with root privilege.

sudo ./bpatch
If you want to undo this patch:

sudo ./bpatch -u

If you have already downloaded the kernel source, then give the source directory path as an argument to the bpatch script with -sd option:

sudo ./bpatch -sd /path/to/kernel/source/dir

Note: The bpatch script is for debian based systems and make sure to enable source code repository before running it. For Ubuntu this link may help you enabling the source repository.

Troubleshooting when upgrading kernel

Install script

If you installed the driver with the install script, you will have to reinstall the drivers when you upgrade your kernel.

To do so, run:


If you don't uninstall, you will face problems like this:

modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'mt7630e': Exec format error
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'mt76xx': Exec format error


If you install with dkms then you won't need to uninstall/install for minor kernel updates. Major kernel updates may still need update/uninstall/install though.

Secure Boot

Not being signed, this driver is not expected to work on secure boot.


The original source was taken from
Some patches for extended kernel support are taken from

Note: Even though the original source was taken from kuba-moo, it no longer resembles that of the original. If you want to apply a patch that works with other sources, be ware that the line number and content may or may not match i.e you will have to be careful applying patches.

Pull Requests

Please do all pull requests against the master branch. The release branch is for releases only.