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Windows softwares

Updated: 15/06/2016 13:37:13 GMT

List of softwares developed or planned for the Windows platform by Neurobin

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Web applications

Updated: 15/06/2016 13:37:05 GMT

This is a list of applications developed for the web platform by Neurobin.

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Unix/Linux projects

Updated: 15/06/2016 13:37:04 GMT

Projects related to Linux or Unix in general are listed here. Binary products are generally made available through launchpad for ubuntu and ubuntu based operating systems. For other Unix/Linux systems source code or downloadable pre-compiled binary may be made available.

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Library projects

Updated: 15/06/2016 13:37:03 GMT

This is a list of library projects/codes/softwares developed and maintained by Neurobin which are available for development purposes.

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Updated: 15/06/2016 13:37:02 GMT

List of games developed, designed, planned by Neurobin

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Android apps

Updated: 15/06/2016 13:37:02 GMT

This is a list of Android applications planned/designed/developed by Neurobin.